CovidBaseAU is website run by three close friends living in Melbourne:
Jack, Darcy and Wes

Our site is designed to bring the majority of publically available COVID-19 data into one central source. We realise that COVID-19 data in Australia is reported very differently depending on the state and territory and finding data isn't always that straightforward. Our data is not official data and we cannot guarantee that every data point is 100% accurate, however we will always do our best and will provide detailed sources when asked.


Jack is our data collector who came up with the idea of the site, he has created all the charts seen on the site and has been responsible for tracking the data over time.
"It all starts back in around July 2020 when Victorian COVID cases were rising. I was concerned about the rising cases and can remember seeing various media reports with new case counts. However what everything seemed to lack was historic data on source of transmission. Had a case been found in hotel quarantine? Had a case been transmitted with an unknown source? How does this compare to the first wave? These were all big questions that I struggled to find the answers to. Slowly over time I began to learn of different sources and started to track the data on an excel spreadsheet. At this point I was just tracking data in Victoria. I began to watch all the press conferences with Daniel Andrews, updating my data at a live pace. I watched everyday throughout September and October as our COVID case counts slowly trickled down and found it fascinating to analyse the data. I continued to track this data until around February this year when I, with two close friends came up with the idea to take the data that I've been collecting and make it mainstream. Slowly we've continued to work on the site in our spare time and now present to you CovidBaseAU."


Darcy is our coder who makes all the magic happen on the site.
"All thoughout 2020 Jack kept showing me all the data he had collected. And around February 2021 I suggested that he put all the data on a website. So he asked me to make it. Next thing I knew I had about 400 charts to embed"


Wesley is the cool dude
"I basically have the role of everything else. I made the advertisements. I made some of the logos. I collected data for the timeline and ended up with the gigantic job of putting it all together. But my most important role and the role they desperately needed the most is MORAL SUPPORT. When their hopes were down, when they were about to give up, when they needed motivation I was the one who totally dragged them out of the dumps and forced them to get a GRIP and start working again"


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CovidBaseAU is a site made with the purpose of serving the community by providing a nationwide data source for COVID-19. Your support would mean a lot. We spend a lot of our time to do something to make the community more informed.

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We would like to acknowledge the founder of Covidlive Anthony Macali. His work has been a real inspiration to us and we have collaborated with him in a number of different ways with him. He has also been a great source of support as someone to chat to in the COVID field.

We would also like to acknowledge that some recent vaccine data uses a local version of some javascript code written by Ken Tsang to assist with pdf data extraction.


The data seen on CovidBaseAU is in depth and sourced from a variety of places, below are some of our datasets which are free for everyone to use. If you would like more of our data, become a patron.

Australia COVID-19 Vaccination Statistics

Australia COVID-19 Cases Statistics

Australia COVID-19 Testing Statistics

Australia COVID-19 Community Transmission Statistics

Australia COVID-19 Hospitalisation Statistics

Australia COVID-19 Deaths Statistics

Australia COVID-19 Active/Recoveries Statistics


Our Data Comes from a range of different sources, these include:

National: Dashboard
New South Wales: Dashboard
Media Releases 2021, Media Releases 2020
Source of Infection Dataset, Testing Dataset
Victoria: Dashboard
Media Releases
Cases, Additional Data
Source of Infection Dataset
Vaccine Data
Queensland: Dashboard
Media Releases
Twitter, Premier Twitter
Western Australia: Dashboard
Media Releases
Premier Facebook
Vaccine Data Dashboard
South Australia: Dashboard
Media Releases
Tasmania: Dashboard
Media Releases
ACT: Dashboard
Media Releases
Northern Territory: Dashboard
Additional Resources: Health Resources
Health Media
Health Minister Media
PM Media
Therapeutic Goods Administration
New Zealand
Epidemiology Reports
Other Recommended Sources: Covidlive - Australia Data
Covid19data.com.au - Australian Data
Our World In Data - Global Data