Information included in the below timeline is from 2020 to mid 2021

*This timeline displays a view of how COVID-19 events have progressed over time in Australia.
**We have made use of fortnightly epidemiology reports and give these credit for a large amount of content in this timeline.
***We have also used this Chronology of state and territory government announcements to source a large number of events.
****We have used this wikipedia page for other events which have occurred throughout the pandemic.
*****The daily case figures are sourced from the National COVID-19 Dashboard and are based on reclassified data.
******The Community-Acquired Case numbers are sourced from our Community Transmission in Australia data, to see notes on this see here
*******Unfortunately due to the fact that the Australian government does not provide reclassified indexes to all cases transmission source overtime, the way the Community-Acquired Case and Daily Case figures are calculated is different. Due to this reporting inconsistency on very rare occasions the number of Community-Acquired Cases will outnumber the number of daily cases from all sources.